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Spiritual Energy

Spiritual energy gives us a sense of belonging and the freedom to be spontaneous in what ever we wish to do. It is a creative force that fills us with optimism, giving us the energy we need to achieve our dreams and reach out to others. It is a very subtle energy and yet it is incredibly powerful at the same time. To feel this subtle energy requires a silent mind, a still mind that is not full of distracting thoughts. The thoughts in your mind always take you out of the present moment. Thoughts about past resentments or future desires pull you away from where you are. You are here and now and so is the world around you. It is not that you should never use your mind to recall past happy memories or that you should have no future goals. It is all the other thoughts, the automatic habitual thought patterns you have created for yourself that diminish your natural appreciation for life. Your awareness of the very subtle spiritual energy can only exist in a mind that is present to witness this subtle energy. Distracting thoughts are too noisy and drown out the subtle calling for a spiritual element within your life. Without the awareness of this energy you loose your spontaneity, creativity and appreciation for the natural world around you.

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How can I feel this Spiritual Energy?

To feel this spiritual energy you have to learn how to let go and remain in the present moment with a quiet mind, then you will begin to feel something very subtle step forward into your life. As you let go of the little boundaries you have built up in your mind you will begin to develop an awareness of a vast inner space. This space is incredibly effective for healing emotional upset. With this space comes a feeling of an enormous amount of freedom and with this freedom comes a creative spontaneity and a genuine appreciation for life.

To feel this energy requires discipline and an ongoing commitment. You will have to learn how to quiet your thoughts and so take control of your own wayward mind. This can be done by focusing on your own breathing. When you focus your attention on your breathing this brings you into the present moment away from your distractive thoughts and closer to your awareness of spiritual energy. This process is often called meditation. It is very difficult to begin with especially for people with very 'noisy' minds, but with a continued effort results are inevitable.

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A simple meditation for daily practice

This meditation will give the best results if done twice a day first thing in the morning and last thing at night every single day. You should aim for a minimum of 20 minutes meditation and increase this to 30 minutes when it feels comfortable to do so. It may take a number of months before you are really meditating as you first have to learn how to focus your minds attention but with a continued effort and commitment you will see good results. However it is not a race and your meditation should be a gentle and comfortable practice and will become not only a necessary part of your day but an enjoyable part as well.

To practice your meditation either sit crossed legged on a cushion on the floor or sit on a chair. Place your hands on your lap one hand over the other with palms facing upwards. Place your tongue on the roof of your mouth lightly. If you are sitting crossed legged on the floor do not worry about trying to sit like a spiritual master in an uncomfortable position, just be comfortable. The cushion you sit upon should be placed under your bottom only, so that your legs are off the cushion resting on the floor. The cushion should be approx 10cm thick for comfort. If you are sitting in a chair, do not lean back on the chair, sit upright.

To begin your meditation you should be in a quiet room. Sitting comfortably relax and take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes and be aware of your breathing. You should be taking slow deep breaths. To take a proper breath you should breath as though you were breathing deep into your belly. Do not force this breathing it should be comfortable. As you take slow deep breaths imagine your head is suspended from a piece of string on the ceiling keeping you upright, this will help to straighten your spine. Do not force this, it should be comfortable. The imagining of the string will create the necessary movement without you forcing yourself upright. Now that you are sitting comfortably in an upright position focus your minds attention on your breathing. You may find your thoughts to be very distracting but just let each one go and return to the focusing on your breathing. Each time your mind is pulled away in thoughts return your attention in a gentle manner back to focusing on your breathing. You should be breathing deep breaths in and out of your nose. If you focus your awareness on your nostrils this can also help you to focus on your breathing. Feel the air as it passes slowly and continuously in and out of your nostrils. Your breathing should not be uneven or 'jagged', one quiet continuous deep breath in, a slight pause, then one continuous breath out. Breathing in the pure air breathing out your distracted mind. The important thing is to keep your attention on your breathing. You may feel fidgety this is a sign of a distracted mind but with continued practice this will get much easier becoming effortless and enjoyable. Continue the meditation for 20 minutes then open your eyes breath a few deep breaths. Gently shake your hands and feet and smile your all done. Repeat this practice every day first thing in the morning and last thing at night as this will greatly benefit your own spiritual awakening.

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Spiritual Energy Experiences in meditation

Once you have reached the stage where by you find meditation effortless there are some very interesting and exciting experiences. You may begin to feel tingling sensations in areas of your body. An awareness of these tingling sensations or energy has been known to Asian culture and martial arts practitioners for a long time. Western civilisation is not so familiar with these concepts but in recent times there is beginning to be a more open minded view on the subject. Although such experiences may well be a good sign it is important to remain humble and remember why you meditate. Meditation is a training of the mind and your ultimate goal should be to find inner peace. However having said that an awareness of this subtle energy will increase your inner peace when the practice is conducted in a humble manner.

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