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About The inner-peace.org.uk Logo Design

The logo for the inner-peace.org.uk site was created by a professional logo design company called fire bubble design. It was important that the image had a professional look to it to help inspire trust in the sites viewers. Although it is the depth of the subject, that being the nature of reality which is most important for the theme of the inner peace site, it is also important that the site has an approacable look to it especially for the younger audience who are now so used to impressive visuals and displays within technological formats. The logo itself is very simple and clean looking to convey a feeling of clarity. The sphere within the design looks as though it is emitting energy which is perfect for the nature of this site as it is important to understand that the energy each one of us emits has an effect on the environment and the people around us.

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About The Website

The website for inner-peace.org.uk was designed by the same business that created the logo design. The sites main feature is the professional logo design as this helps to inform the viewers of where they are on the web and also helps them to inform others about where the site is if they wish. There is a colour scheme for each page to also help navigation around the site. It is hoped that the viewers find the website to be an enjoyable and informative experience and that the subtle message within its contents helps to bring a little more clarity to the reader.

Thank you to everyone who has helped support inner-peace.org.uk

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